Services Offered

  • Occupational Therapy Coaching

    A combination of occupational therapy and coaching with the aim of working with individuals and groups to move forward with different aspects, activities, and goals within their lives.

  • Coaching

    Personal and professional coaching for individuals and groups that aim to gain forward momentum with goals, aspirations, change, growth, and development.

  • Role Transitions and Definitions

    to assist those about to transition into a different role at work, at home, in life, or those that want to transition or in the midst of transition.

  • Time Management

    to assist those who feel time poor and need assistance to help find time to do the things they want to do.

  • Achieving Goals, Interests and Passions

    to assist those trying to achieve a goal but finding they are stuck, and need assistance in setting and working towards goals

  • Change

    to assist those going through change, about to go through a change in their lives or at work and finding it difficult or just want to be prepared.

  • Professionals with burnout

    this is a particular area for all professionals and small business owners who need to consider looking after themselves as much as their clients and business.

  • Healthy Habits

    to assist those wanting to improve aspects of their lives in an aim to improve their health and therefore their lifestyles.

Looking for something else?

  • Solicitors or Accountants looking for a service that assists clients to transition into new roles, set clear realistic and achievable personal, professional and financial goals, contact here.
  • Standard hourly rate for Coaching/Occupational Therapy/Consultancy services or packages available, please contact to discuss further.
  • Private health rebate for those insured for Occupational Therapy – Australian Residents.


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