Mastery of Doing

At Mastery of Doing I provide information, services, and insights into how we live our lives, why we do what we do and how we can master the activities that we do so that we can feel great. There is health promotion, to do lists, time management, goal setting and break down of activities to further understand how and why we do things and how we can change the things that are not working for us to in fact work for us and master our day to day lives.

Why Should You Choose Mastery of Doing ?

I am an Occupational Therapist (OT) and as an OT we are trained to facilitate our clients in their daily activities and ‘doings‘, particularly when they have had an accident, injury, illness, chronic disease, aged, young, at work, at home, at school, whilst driving. Our training is in depth in terms of Occupation as a science and all the parameters that contribute and affect occupations. What I think is not focused on enough however is reviewing how we participate in all different types of activities and how we can improve these to prevent chronic health issues, injury, disease and general difficulties in our day to day lives.

So lets get something very clear from the outset…. I discuss ‘occupation’ in terms of all activities that we participate in, not just what someone is employed to do ie ‘what is your occupation?’. While some topics of discussion may well look at specific employed occupations many look at a vast array of activities that make up our lives. And a lot of what is discussed is how you master those activities to work best for you so that you can live a happy and healthy life, so in essence we will be ‘mastering how we do our occupations’. Once we start to master ‘what we do’, ‘why we do it’ and ‘how we do it’, the flow on effect is that we can achieve more, feel less stress, have less health concerns and improve our overall health in terms of the physical, cognitive, emotional, psychological and social realms of our lives.

Mastery of Doing assists people to move from a place where they are not mastering their activities, whatever they may be, personal or professional, to achieving them to the best of their ability. There are so many areas and topics that are covered that it can appear daunting on the outset, but quite often the simple steps and working out what really is the aim and/or the issue are key to moving forward whether at work, at home, in relationships, committing to an exercise or health program, or committing to a new goal.

I would like us to work together to move forward and spread the word about how we can Master Our Doing, contact me to get started.

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